About Us

The Gibson School Systems was founded by one family in 1999 with a kindergarten and primary division with the desire to offer high quality education to the children and young adults of Ethiopia. By 2022, Gibson College (GC) has become more involved in developing and providing online learning opportunities for students. Our online instructors attend a rigorous training program that focuses on online design and development, student learning outcomes, addressing student learning styles, regular and effective communication and creating a human presence in the online class. The success of our online offerings is based on providing quality online education with trained and enthusiastic instructors.

Our belief is that a motivated student can learn anytime, anywhere. We have a list of online courses that are offered each semester in the schedule and information located on the GC website, Online Classes. Instructors will usually have pre-instructions or additional information about the class posted on their GC Web pages. We believe there are many advantages for taking online classes such as
▪ Students with Busy Schedules
▪ Self-paced 24/7 Classroom
▪ Transportation Issues
▪ Remote Areas
▪ Need to Update Skills for Employment


We aspire to be a leader in providing high-quality, low-cost education and training that is responsive to stakeholders’ needs and expectations by 2030.


To establish a learning environment where academic ablates and workplace skills are properly integrated, and devoted staff strives to deliver qualification that promote job and entrepreneurial possibilities for the economy.


  • Focus on the needs of Learners and other Beneficiaries;
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Relevance And Quality 
  • Process Approach; 
  • Improvement; 
  • Evidence-Based Decisions;
  • Relationship Management