MA Marketing Management

The Master of Marketing Management program equips graduates and professionals from any discipline to become evidence-based decision makers, innovative problem solvers, responsible social citizens, and future leaders. This program provides knowledge and skills in the area of marketing to supplement business leadership and managerial skills from business and non-business backgrounds.


The Master of Arts in Marketing Management (MAMM) program is normally designed for those who have followed relevant and appropriate studies or equivalent institutions. 

Potential candidates for the MAMM program must fulfill the following criteria:

  • A successful completion of a Bachelor Degree in Marketing Management, Marketing and Sales Management, Management/Business Management/, Accounting/Accounting & Finance/, Tourism Management/Tourism & Hotel management, Public Administration, Economics, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Cooperative Management and in any other related fields.
  • A good performance in the entrance examination and/or equivalent admission instruments.
  • Applicants who have attended study abroad should bring certificates equivalence approved and authenticated by FDRE Education and Training Authority (ETA).
  • Those who come from unrelated background will take bridging courses and to pay for the bridging courses.