Brief History of the College

Gibson school system was founded in 2000 G.C. by Dr. Leea Gibson and Mr. Mohammed Aden. The school was named as “Gibson Youth Academy” after Doctor Gibson’s American family entered Ethiopia in 1998 G.C. to support the well-being of young children in education. Leea Gibson had Masters in Educational Administration by the time the Academy began to operate. With an intention of providing quality service to the system Dr. Leea Gibson continued her studies and has earned her Doctorate Degree in Education. Mr. Mohammed Aden is a businessman who has been operating successfully in various sectors in Ethiopia. He has a Master’s degree in economics and in addition to his business ventures; he is a generous benefactor and contributor to many charities and worthy causes.


Gibson Youth Academy was opened in the Bole area with an enrollment of 330 children in 2000 G.C. Today Gibson school System consists of six kindergartens, 7 primary schools and 6 high schools in different areas of the capital city namely: Kolfe, Mekanisa, Sarbet, Bole Medanealem, Lafto, Bole 24 and CMC. In addition to serving thousands of students all across Addis Ababa, Gibson School Systems provides jobs to over 1,500 people, who helped to make this educational institution grow strong.


Gibson School Systems was the first school in the country to introduce different programs among which; a communication book, active clubs, Cultural Appreciation Day, assistant teachers, emergency practice drills, after school program, character count program, vacation enrichment program, handwriting classes, composition packets, reading books, reading contests, coupon prize box, open house program, lineup ceremony performances, spelling bee competitions can be mentioned for example. It is widely believed in principle, that an education system is designed to serve the generation for the fulfillment of its needs of social and economic development. Accordingly, Gibson School as a system strived hard in-collaboration with the school community to meet standards required by the nation in particular and globe wise in general. This has been witnessed by its students who passed through the system are found to be prominent citizens who are currently working in different capacities in large business companies and industries. There are still hundreds of graduates of the Gibson School Systems who passed the university entrance national examinations and are pursuing their studies in universities here in the country and abroad. The foregoing statements lucidly imply that Gibson didn’t start from the scratch to fulfill its dream of opening a college. Its background is deeply rooted in excellence and this has been used as a great asset for its future endeavor to open Gibson College. The founders of this growing institution, Mr. Mohammed Aden and Dr. Leea Gibson are dedicated to continuing the Gibson School Systems legacy for years to come by extending their services to the best they can.