Master of Business Administration (MBA)

An M.B.A. is specially designed for people who are interested in gaining management skills within a competitive business environment and to help graduates gain a better understanding of general business management functions including how to manage a company or small business more intelligently and efficiently. An M.B.A. degree will teach students to adapt to changing economic and business demands, while also undertaking broad, executive decisions that generate business revenue.


To obtain admission to the MBA program, applicants should fulfil the admission requirements. Potential candidates for the MBA program must fulfill the following criteria:

A successful completion of a Bachelor Degree in Marketing Management, Marketing and Sales Management, Management/Business Management/, Accounting/Accounting & Finance/, Tourism Management/Tourism & Hotel management, Public Administration, Economics, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Cooperative Management and in any other related fields

  • The applicant must pass the written examination set by the department of MBA to assess the individuals’ competence and preparedness to pursue a graduate The exam will be an aptitude test containing Mathematics and English;
  • Applicants who have attended study abroad should bring certificates equivalence approved and authenticated by FDRE Education and Training Authority (ETA).
  • The candidate must agree to take at least two bridging courses, if s/he is not from management background and to pay for the bridging courses.