MSC Accounting and Finance

MSc programs in Accounting and Finance give students understanding of concepts in accounting, finance and the financial markets. A successful career in these areas requires a high level of understanding of the theory and practice of accounting and finance, in order to be able to evaluate company and managerial performance. This program helps students help you to take their skills and knowledge to the next level.


To obtain admission to the MSc program, applicants should fulfil the following admission requirements

  1. First degree in Accounting, Accounting and Finance, Banking and Insurance, Banking and Finance, Business Education (Accounting, Banking and Insurance), Cooperative Accounting and Auditing, management and economics. Any candidates with the above listed fields can apply and admitted if and only if they full fill one of the following additional requirements:

i) S/he has taken, in his/her first degree program, the following courses and score minimum of letter grade of ‘C’:

               a.   Principle of Accounting I & II

               b.   Financial Accounting I;

               c.   Cost and Management Accounting I;

               d.   Financial Management I and

               e.   Principles of Auditing I.

ii)    The candidate must agree to take at least two bridging courses, if s/he is not from related background or any other field of study and to pay for the bridging courses.

2.      Must pass the entrance examination to be administered by the Department of Accounting and Finance.

3.      Meet all other university wide requirements.