MA Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management will allow to develop skills such as research and analysis, negotiation, and problem-solving. Being able to remain calm under pressure, improvise, adapt, and make important decisions will always give students an edge in the field of Logistics Management. This master’s course envisages the training of professionals such as Logistics and Supply Chain Managers for companies and agencies working globally.


To obtain admission to the MA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management program, applicants should fulfil the following admission requirements

  • A successful completion of a bachelor’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Purchasing Management, Logistics Management, Marketing management, Marketing and Sales Management, Management/Business Management/, Accounting/Accounting & finance/, business administration, Tourism Management/Tourism & Hotel Management, Public Administration, Economics, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Cooperative Business Management and Cooperative Accounting and Auditing, Business Education, Agribusiness and other related fields.
  • The   applicant must pass the written examination set by the department of MA to assess the individuals’ competence and preparedness to pursue a graduate program. The exam will be an aptitude test containing Mathematics and English;
  • Applicants who have attended study abroad should bring certificates equivalence approved and authenticated by ETA.